April is the month of bathroom's future

Since the beginning of this month I have been concentrating on getting the bathroom to look like its picture.

At first, there was disappointment, as it still looked nothing like the layout designed in the showroom one and a half year ago.

So when I received the invitation to instruct the workers where exatly to apply the bathroom tiles, both me and they thought it madness to start doing it while still portions of the walls were missing, electrical fittings were not in the correct place, etc.

Then, after a week and a half I was invited to come and see and okay the "go-ahead and do the tiling now", so I went, and approved and they did, apparently.

Because now when I walk up the 12 stairs to take a peek through the window beside my front door, I see a lot less of the stacks of tiles in the hall than before, so work is in progress.

Now I am an incurably curious type of person so early monday morning I will put on my bold shoes again and try to infiltrate and investigate the work in progress. If all’s well, I will leave this well alone and if not, I may yet be in time to avoid having to destroy tiles to correct things….

Maybe April will also prove to be the month of bathroom’s present…



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