3 Months to go…

Counting the months since my last English update I must say that time does seem to fly… 7 months have passed almost imperceptably.

Of course, progress has been made, and if all will go well I will move into the new surroundings in week 16. This is mid April, so there’s still 3 months to go.

On the outside, progress is visible by the amount of stones growing upward around the blocks, and the windows getting their panes, the emergency stairs appearing, balconies getting the finishing touch.

The thing is, there must be something going on inside, too. Only we are not allowed to take a look. So one does not know if the bathroom is correctly placed, whether the kitchen looks as it did on the drawing, and it’s been so long ago since we were allowed to take a look in one of the buildings (in wich, if you were lucky, a similar layout woud give you some idea of how your new home would look).

The schedule for moving starts in two weeks, with the first building, Cipres. So on the 30th of January the first movers will start getting their paintbrushes and paint, decorators or friends in to make the bare walls and floors suitable for moving in their furniture and belongings.

Personally, I still have lots of stuff to sort out, because like my father, I am a ‘gatherer’. Over the years, unimaginable amounts of stuff have taken their place on shelves, in closets and even in stacks on the floor. No wonder I think my appartment is getting too small.
So I need to weed out some things I never will use or look at again. But it is not easy. Sometimes a lot of effort has gone into collecting articles, or fond memories are attached to certain objects… so the going is slow. My rooms look like I am going to move at any moment, boxes standing in the way, new stuff I could not help buying already stacking up.

But it’s all for the good cause, I do count myself lucky to be able to do this, and although it takes lots of time and energy, I do enjoy it too…. if I take the time to do so.

So roll on spring, moving day is near!


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