The last Tower

It’s been a while, so high time for an update in English.

Progress on the builing site is steady, only my own tower is last in line, so it will be ‘the last one standing’. Hopefully they learned from the previous ones so mine will be steady as a rock and beautifully constructed.

I have had ample time to sort out the kitchen and the bathroom, they will be wonders of luxury compared to what my situation is now, but you get used to what you have, and I am sure I still will miss the old apparment when I have moved.

The bathroom is wickedly expensive, due to different tiles than the standard ones (really not too extravagant, but these things add up, since it’s not the material alone that is calculated) and you will not get discount prices on anything. But hopefully it will be as I dreamed it up, and I will not come out of the bathroom exept to eat and sleep :-))

So what’s next? The bedroom. I hope to buy a wall closet and shelving space for my bedroom, custom fit to the ceiling and with a ladder to get higher up, hopefully a nice design in black (of course) and aluminum. A new bed would be nice too, so this will keep me busy in the summer interim and perhaps autumn too.

Will post ‘artist impressions’ if I can create something that looks like what I had in mind.

Now it’s another 11 months to go… Sigh!


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