English update 1: What has gone before….

How it all begun….
A few years ago, to be precise in September 1999, the agency that lets out the apartments in my neighborhood decided it was high time for a change. Either to refurbish the existing apartments, or to build a whole new range of blocks.
Everyone was asked for his or her opinion, and a lot of people living here, at least, the ones that spoke up in the sessions, argued they did not want to leave their existing apartment, they were fine, and opted for modernization.
An architect and other experts pointed out that modernizing the old apartments would not validate the costs, and although the protests were loud, it was decided the plan for a new neighborhood would go ahead.
Strangely, after a few months of almost guerilla warfare, anonymous letters and the like, the protesting people either shut up, or left the neighborhood they had defended so volubly and only the people that either did not have an opinion or thought a new home was not such a bad idea, remained.

Decision time!
So after 5 years, several rounds of voting, reviews, and getting permission from the local government, in short the usual bureaucracy, May 2004 we were informed that progress would be speeding up, agreement was there and the building permit was requested. They optimistically assured us, the old inhabitants, the first pole would probably go in the ground in January 2005. In August we received a nice fat brochure with drawings of apartments in each phase of the building plan. If we wanted to buy an apartment, we would even have first choice above all other interested parties.
If you wanted to buy, you should be quick, for the first contracts would be signed in October.
So this girl accelerated to overdrive, and in September had her finances sorted out and even signed the offer for the mortgage. Let the game begin! Alas, not so.
Were the people naxefve, or misinformed or just not aware of the proper procedures? Maybe a little bit (or a lot) of all of these things.

Situation now
Now, one year later, I did sort of buy the apartment I wanted most, but still do not need the mortgage, as the building permit apparently still is not completely approved.

Building activities have started, all the trees in the park have been cut down and uprooted (after the breeding season) and I have been to the appointed kitchen shop (buying your kitchen elsewhere is possible but unless you get much cheaper prices, is less attractive because they cannot work in team with the builder, and you get half the money reserved for the kitchen in the total apartment sum).

That’s it. Your are roughly filled in, and following updates will be less text, and more fun I hope.


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